K1N – 2015 Navassa DXpedition The KP1-5 Project

Hi All,

“The following information below about the KP1-5 Project is from the URL http://navassadx.com/ which has some great information. NOT MY OWN INFORMATION”

The KP1-5 Project Mission Statement

The purpose of the KP1-5 Project is to work toward a solution to the closure of Desecheo and Navassa Islands to Amateur Radio operators by achieving lawful, periodic access to these islands pursuant to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service authorization.

While operating from these islands is a worthwhile goal, the KP1-5 Project is dedicated to a long term partnership that jointly benefits the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Amateur Radio operators worldwide.

Navassa Island had become a National Wildlife Refuge in 1999 which makes it more difficult and expensive for teams to visit and work from.

The team of operators are Bob K4UEE, Glenn WØGJ, Mike NA5U, George AA7JV, Ralph KØIR, John K6MM, Craig K9CT, Tomi KT4TTT, Lou N2TU, George N4GRN, Mike N6MZ, Jeff NM1Y, John W2GD, Gregg W6IZT and Jerry WB9Z.


Navassa Coordinates: 18°23’50.35N, 75°0′46.75″W

Grid Square:  FK28lj

IOTA:  NA-098


Now for my post…. 😀

I want to say that working DXpedition stations can be fun, challenging and aggravating at the same time. It is fun to be able to work rare locations, around the world, like this one. These guys are working from the Navassa Island which is a United States island located in the Caribbean. It sounds like the outside weather conditions have been hot, windy and dirty where they are. These guys have some great patience while working stations from all over the world. I just wish that others stations had the same amount of patience, to include myself from time to time. It is challenging for a station such as my 100 watt Kenwood and fan dipole to break through the huge pileups that take up the voice and digital parts of the bands during events likes this. So I learned that you need to be able to do a lot of switching between the transmit and receive splits that are in use. On 20M, they would transmit from 14.155 and receiving between something like 14.240 – 14.250. On 10M, I heard them transmitting on 28.304 and receiving around 28.320 28.340ish. Always listen to the calls that they are responding to and switch back to their receive to get an idea of where they are listening. There will be RST reports passed by each station. I think they have such a large split because of the amount of traffic and QRM, so that they can heard the legit stations.

“Try not to station on the pileup frequency with the spread that this team is using. You will have better luck in making contact.” I have heard ops make contact with other stations who were not with in the pileup.

By having a larger split like they are using for the voice QSO’s, this makes the challenge a little harder but not impossible. Just makes sure that when working within their transmit segment, that you listen for the louder stations. I found times where they responded to the louder stations, then potentially move around within the split. I can understand the frustration that people have with this as the split is so large, but it is still doable.Trick here is listen, listen, listen…..

The massive QRM issue makes these events aggravating and are the majority of the problem that are being noticed. All I can say is that if I can make the contact, so can you and I was so excited to make it happen as this will give me a new Island on the Air (IOTA) and Grid Square as well.  Now to try other bands and maybe modes to see if I can get them elsewhere. 🙂

K1N Official Navassa DX Page – http://navassadx.com/

K1N QRZ Page – http://www.qrz.com/db/K1N


My Confirmation from the K1N team.


73 and Good DX,




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