Window Panel Release 1.1

Hey all,

This is a short posting as I did not take pictures of the Version 1.1 release of my Windows Panel. The additions to the panel included a ground connection to established a ground from inside and outside. This connects my radios and antenna tuner to my ground system outside. Much easier to connect and operate. The second item that was added, which I have not used yet are two lug connections for attaching a wire antenna to the panel which will connect to the Auto Antenna tuner. I have not used this portion yet but hoping to do it someday.


Items Needed:

– Dremel

– A dremel router bit or a burr bit

– Package of 1/2″ threaded rod, located in most screw shelves in hardware stores

– Package of 1/2″ lock washers

– Package of 1/2″ flat washers

– Package of 1/2″ wing nuts (Makes for easy install and removal of ground cables and wiring)


Each lug to include the wire antenna and ground include three sections of threaded rod, two lock washers for each threaded rod, two flat washers for each threaded rod, and two wing nuts, one on each side. This installation was done the same way as the coax feed throughs in Version 1.0 using the dremel tool and a dremel router bit or a burr bit to drill through and open the hole for each threaded rod. This was a fast and easy process. Once the holes were opened, I cut the rod to about 2 to 3 inches each and pushed each of them into place, securing them with a lock washer, flat washer, and nut on each side of the panel.




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