New Antenna Test

Ok guys, the first antenna test occured yesterday Sep 11 2014. This test ended up unsuccessfully due to satellites being to close to the horizon and the Cubesats that I tried possibly being dead. I’m not giving up on hearing something from this new antenna. šŸ™‚ I am also trying to get my son interested as well. I believe that if he can hearing something, he may show some more interest.

Well today I decided to try again before bad weather comes into the area and I decided to give FO-29 a try I trying tuning to the highest UHF frequency that ISS Detector showed of 435.850 as I thought I should have and was not hearing anything. Hmmm…very odd, maybe I was doing something wrong. I did not think of moving around before the downlinks of 435.900 to 435.800. I put the antenna across the corner of the bed of my truck to adjust the radio and I tuned about 2 to 3 KHz down from where I was and started hearing some noise. I though to myself, this can not be this easy. LOL. I picked up the antenna and pointed about 10% from where I left off and sure enough, I was hearing a CW beacon and SSB voice communications.

The thing that I am taking out of this is to never rely on one frequency for the downlink or there may never be anything heard. I was able to track FO-29 for about 2 to 3 minutes before it started fading behind the houses. Another thing that I learned from this is that you do need to think equilateral which means that you can not just rely completely on azimuth or elevation but use the circular rotation as well to compensate for the tumbling of the satellite. Now that weather is coming in, I has to stop early but I will continue to try to pick up more so that I can document what seems to work in this area.

FO-29 Information


Mode V/U (J) Linear Transponder (Inverting):
Uplink: 145.9000 ā€“ 146.0000 MHz SSB/CW
Downlink 435.8000 ā€“ 435.9000 MHz SSB/CW

Mode U Beacon:
Downlink 435.7950 MHz CW

Mode U Digitalker (Rarely Used):
Downlink 435.9100 MHz FM


73’s for now,



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