Building Prototype Arrow Antenna – Part I

While searching on the internet for good plans to build this type of antenna, thete were problems with finding the correc element lengths and spacing. Most sites are using cm and mm measurments which may or may not come out correctly. A ham known as Kent Britian (WA5VJB), came up eith tables containing element lengths and spacing in inches. I used the 144 MHz and the 435 MHz AMSAT measurements. The antenna that I build is an 8 element UHF and 4 element VHF arrow.

Below is an approximate list of materials. You can use what materials you need to make this light weight.


Approximately 30′ – 3/16″ diameter coated steel rods or aluminum tubing or aluminum rods – will be cut into sections.

Approximately 10′ – 3/4″ diameter PVC pipe – will be cut shorter in size

2x – 3/4″ diameter end caps for PVC pipe

A microdiplexer from combining antennas to one coax


Phillips Screwdriver
Drill Press
Drill bits

In order to build this antenna it is best to start off with building the UHF section first. The driver element is the most critical and will need to be as close to 13″ in length.

Length for elements:

Reflector = 13.40″
Driver =13.0″
Director 1 = 12.40″
Director 2 = 12.0″
Director 3 = 12.0″
Director 4 = 12.0″
Director 5 = 12.0″
Director 6 = 11.10″

Spacing for elements:

Reflector = 0.0″
Driver = 2.5″
Director 1 = 5.5″
Director 2 = 11.25″
Director 3 = 17.5″
Director 4 = 24″
Director 5 = 30.5″
Director 6 = 37.75″

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